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Dani Alvez left the club with a salary of 18 million Euros.

Dani Alvez owed so much to Sao Paulo, the club where the rightback has been playing since 2019.The 36-year-old star threatened to stop training after seeing the club delay in paying its dues. Alvez also made the threat on Friday when he was scheduled to return to practice at the end of Brazil’s national team duties. After that the club announced that they have no more relationship with Alvez.

Alvez, who has had great careers at clubs such as Sevilla, Barcelona, ​​Juventus and PSG, still wants to continue playing football, wrote Italian journalist Niccolo Shira on Twitter. In the meantime, Alvez has received two proposals from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Shira said.(sports)

However, even at the age of 36, the way Alvez is still playing, if you see someone as a ‘free agent’, the clubs should jump.
For Alvez, however, the situation suddenly changed. Brazil won gold at the Olympics a month ago, a few days ago Brazil returned to the team to practice with Neymar. He also played in Brazil’s World Cup qualifier against Peru last night. Earlier in the day, he was seen chatting with his old teammate and friend Lionel Messi in the canceled match against Argentina. That Alvez suddenly left the club in the headlines.

The coach of Sao Paulo is now former Argentina striker Ernan Crespo. The former Argentina coach took charge of Sao Paulo this season, winning the Copa Sudamericana (Europa League trophy in Europe), the second best club title in South America, last season in his coaching career. Carlos Belmont, Sao Paulo’s sports director, said on Twitter that he had been informed of Alvez’s departure from the club. The decision was made that Dani Alvez would no longer be part of our team. ‘

According to Reuters, quoting the Brazilian newspaper O Globo, Alvez owed more than Rs 160 million to Sao Paulo. Belmont, Sao Paulo’s sports director, said the club had offered Alvez a different deal for the purpose of negotiating, acknowledging the amount owed, but Alvez returned it.
‘His representatives told us that Dani Alvez (after serving in the Brazilian national team) would not return to Sao Paulo unless he agreed on the financial debt that Sao Paulo owed him. Sao Paulo is acknowledging this debt. “Last week we offered him another deal, but the players’ representatives did not accept it,” said Belmont.

However, the news agency Reuters wrote that not only the financial debt with Sao Paulo, but also another issue was at stake. The So Paulo club did not like the Olympics that Alvez went to in August.

Alvez returned to Sao Paulo in 2019 after spending 18 years in Europe in the jerseys of clubs such as Sevilla, Barcelona, ​​Juventus and PSG. According to Reuters, the Brazilian right back supported this club as a child. Although he was a rightback, Alvez was also given the club’s number 10 jersey.

But how did that end the relationship! According to Reuters, he is the latest victim of the “practice” that has become commonplace in Brazilian football. What custom? In that system the clubs do not pay the players and coaches properly!