Joe Biden

Unity Is a Great Strength:Biden

President Joe Biden has called on the United States to remain united before the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States. A video of Biden’s speech was released on Friday, local time, ahead of the anniversary. “Unity is our greatest strength,” he said in the video.

The United States will remember those killed in 9/11 on Saturday. On this occasion, Biden and his wife First Lady Jill Biden will visit three places. These are New York, the US Department of Defense, the Pentagon and Pennsylvania. Earlier, Biden gave the six-minute video message yesterday. “We pay tribute to those who took the risk in the aftermath of the attack, to those who were killed in the attack and to those who died in the aftermath of the rescue operation,” Biden was quoted as saying by the BBC. As time goes on, this memory brings back that pain. Looks like the bad news came a few seconds ago.

Biden acknowledged that there had been attacks on Muslims since the attack. People do it out of fear and anger. He said the unity among U.S. citizens was damaged, but not broken, by the attacks.